New Additions in 1.1.x

The 1.1 update brings the export dialog to the Caustic PCMSynth export command and a screen for adding multiple samples in one spot for each channel.

The update also adds stability and UI performance improvements.

Default velocity

Default Velocity

The default velocity popup button will show the popup slider to adjust the step sequencer's default velocity value.

Default Velocity PopUp

Adjust the slider to set the step sequencer's velocity when a trigger is activated.

Caustic PCMSynth preset export

Export PCMSynth Action

Export PCMSynth PopUp

What is PCMSynth export

In the Android Caustic app, the PCMSynth machine is able to load wav samples. The Lil Drum Machine application exports all current drum loops of each pattern into a single .pcmsynth preset at the current BPM and pushes those .wav loops into the preset file mapped from midi 60 up.

You can then load this preset into the Caustic Android app and play your loops with the main track you are working on.

If you decide to change the BPM of your Caustic track, you can then re-export the preset at the same BPM and hot swap in the Caustic App using the new PCMSynth preset.


Mutli-Sample loading for channels

Load Multisample Action

Load Multisample Screen

3/4 Time Signature

Three Four Time Signature

The 3/4 time signature has been added to the sequencer to allow for more diverse rhythms.

Simply tap the 3/4 button in the contols tool bar and the sequencer will play 3 beats per measure instead of 4.