Drum Pad Beats - Quick Start and User Manual


Welcome to the Drum Pad Beats or DPB Help documenation.

All Teoti Graphix, LLC Android applications use the Single Cell Software Caustic Core sound engine, synthesizers and sequencers for audio playback.

The Drum Pad Beats is aimed at users that want to create rhythms and melodies using pads and step sequencers. With the added ability to export their creations to wav, ogg or midi loops, user ideas can be taken farther in mobile or desktop Digital Audio Workstations.

Application Layouts

Table Of Concepts

Main Application Screen

App Header

Application Header

App Menu Button


App ToolBar

Application ToolBar

App ActionBar

Application ActionBar Scene

Application ActionBar Sequencer

Application ActionBar Mixer

App ContantPane

Application Content Scene

Application Content Sequencer

Application Content Mixer

App Footer

Application Footer

Pad Mode Buttons

Pad Sub Mode Buttons

Tool - Action bar visibility Buttons