Drum Pad Beats - Footer

The Application Footer holds the application sub modes. When viewing Landscape, the Actions Toggle Button is hidden due to all actions being placed within the right hand side of the Application ToolBar.

Application Footer

Pad Mode Buttons

Pad Sub Mode Buttons

Pad Mode Buttons

Footer Pad Mode Button

The Pad Mode ToggleButton switches the pad bank mode between Drum 16 pad and Synth 12 pad.

Footer Pad Sub Mode Button

The Pad Sub Mode ToggleButton is activated during specific modes in the application, see below.

Footer Pad Select Mode Button

The Pad Select Mode Selector switches pad selection mode between Pad Select, Pad Perform, Pad Loop, Pad Mute and Pad Solo.

The Pad Select Mode enables pad selection in either Drum or Synth pad mode.

If this mode is not enabled, the selected pad cannot be changed, essentially the edit context (mixer, sequencer etc) will stay the same.

The Pad Perform Mode is for recording your performance(if your device has a short touch latency) our auditioning sounds without changing the selection.

The Pad Loop Mode is for setting the loop property of the pads. This can be used when auditioning pads, created new Scenes or recording a live mix/remix.

The Pad Mute Mode mutes and un-mutes the pads.

The Pad Solo Mode solos the selected pad. Only one pad can be soloed at a time. To simulate multiple solos, solo the first pad then select Pad Mute Mode and un-mute more pads.

Pad Sub Mode Buttons

Footer Song Mode Button

The Song Sub Mode button toggles the Song Grid in place of the Pad Grid.

Footer KeyBoard Mode Button

The Sequencer Keyboard Sub Mode button toggles the Keyboard Grid in place of the Pad Grid.

Footer Octave Up Button

The Keyboard Octave Up Button slides the pitches in the Keyboard Grid up one octave (12 semitones).

Footer Octave Down Button

The Keyboard Octave Up Button slides the pitches in the Keyboard Grid down one octave (12 semitones).

Footer Pad Mute Button

The Pad Mute ToggleButton mutes the selected pad's mixer.

Footer Pad Mute Button

The Pad Solo ToggleButton solos the selected pad's mixer. This is handy when creating melodies or basslines and just the Synths sound needs to be heard without switching screens.

Tool - Action bar visibility Buttons

Footer ToolBar Button

The Application ToolBar ToggleButton toggles the Tool Bar visibility in Portrait and Landscape.

Footer ActionBar Button

The Application ActionBar ToggleButton toggles the Action Bar visibility in Portrait. This button is not available in Landscape. All actions in Landscape are added to the Tool Bar.