Drum Pad Beats - Content Pane

Application ContentPane

Pad Grid

Application Pad Grid

The Pad Grid is the main grid that is shared throughout all of the content panes. The Pad Grid has 2 banks, Drum Bank and Synth Bank.

Drum Bank

Application Drum Grid

The Drum Bank contains 16 - 4 x 4 pads that hold 2 sub banks of 8 pads. Within the Drum bank, pads 1 through 8 are Bank A and pads 9 through 16 are Bank B.

Bank A and Bank B are separate synths that hold 8 channels of wav samples. These banks can be thought of as a Synth that can have individual mixer and effects applied.

Synth Bank

Application Drum Grid

The Synth Bank contains 12 - 4 x 3 pads. A Synth is a separate channel that can have individual mixer and effect settings.

The Keyboard Grid is only available in the Synth Bank.

Scene Mode

Scene Grid

Application Scene Grid

The Scene Grid is a 16 pad 4 x 4 grid that holds a total of 63 scenes when Scene Banks are enabled. There are 4 Scene Banks that can be selected with the buttons A, B, C and D.

The Scene Grid organizes pad pattern collections into a single unit of performance. Each Scene saves the looping state of each pad's pattern assigned to the Scene. This makes it possible to play different variations of a Scene live and still switch scenes, while coming back to the alter looping Scene.

Dragging and dropping Scenes will duplicate all pad's note data to the new Scenes pattern references, effectively copying the whole Scene. This allows for more variation as you build up Scenes using the previous Scene's note data as a start.

Song Grid

Application Song Grid

The Song Grid is a 16 row song sequencer that is divided into 16 Song Sections holding 8 Section Items.

The Section Item is a reference to a Scene that has been dragged into the Song Section from the Scene Grid.

Pad Grid

See Pad Grid.

Sequencer Mode

Sequencer Grid

Application Step Grid

The Sequencer Grid holds the note triggers for each scene pattern.

KeyBoard Grid

Application Keyboard Grid

The KeyBoard Grid allows playing synths with a chromatic/scale pad or in the case of a sampler synth, 16 pads with sample names.

The KeyBoard Grid uses a current selection and drag and drop to set the pitch/sample of a trigger.


Application Arpeggiator


Pad Grid

See Pad Grid.

Mixer Mode

Mixer Navigator

Application Mixer Navigator

The Mixer Navigator allows editing of channel, and master mixer settings and has 5 categories.

Pad Grid

See Pad Grid.