The Caustic Guide user manual


Welcome to the Caustic Guide Help documenation.

Caustic Guide is an Android application that allows creation of different types of Caustic library items. These library items are used to create template files for .caustic song starters, sound files for import into new templates or other Teoti Graphix, LLC Android applications.

All Teoti Graphix, LLC Android applications use the Single Cell Software Caustic Core sound engine, synthesizers and sequencers for audio playback.


Table of Contents

Caustic Guide Terminology

Quick How To's

Application Screens

Below are links to documentation of the individual application screens.

Application Navigation

The left application navigation section is the primary screen switching and task focus of Caustic Guide.

The Hamburger icon is used to hide and reveal the left navigation menu.


The navigation pane is split into sections that organize different types of actions within Caustic Guide.

The navigation footer provides access to top level Caustic Guide functions such as Template and Settings.

Navigation Footer