Currently an Android app developer, Bitwig Studio controller script developer, 3D modeler/artist and Musician.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/TeotiGraphix
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZ7V2k8wtQe25hxaUDqDoQ

It's been along time since I have blogged, about 3 years now of change that Flash has finally been laid to rest, Adobe is finally out of my companies picture and I have successfully helped build a community over at www.singlecellsowftware.com.

Its that time in your life that you focus back in on yourself and see what you have learned. I have been developing some audio frameworks, using LibGDX for Java graphics on top, Caustic Live, Caustic Core and now Bitwig's controller API and Ableton Push, Native Instruments Maschine controller series.

For most that don't know my past, I started developing Flash components back in 2001, tiny Flash 5 and smart clips. I found out that I loved developing UI components, so I made a some to sell and did quite well. Then came Flex, the first "RIA" like framework that was mainly built around Flash's component framework. I took that and created some very large commercial components, did well there also. The main key and you can probably still google my name was in help and support. I had 1000's of flashcoders and Adobe forum posts helping people learn the user interface programming, I loved it.

It wasn't until 2011 when the executives at Adobe thought it would be fun to kill Flash because Steve Jobs said he didn't like it. So, within 2 months of November 2011, any serious developer in Flash/Flex knew they had to find a new job, this is when HTML5 and JavaScript were starting to take over web RIA anyway.

Long story short, I wrote a cross compiler for ActionScript to JavaScript in 2012, only to burn in flames, I have extensively used ANTLR and written a full lexer/parser for the ActionScript language, grammar and all.

During this time I ran into Unity. Unity reminded me of the spark I had dragging and dropping behaviors in Flash 10 years ago. I am such a visual programmer so now I am diving in with a couple projects to have a bit of fun.

This site is going to focus on Caustic core, Bitwig Studio, Maschine and Ableton Live, some audio things and controllers as well as mobile dev with LibGDX in Java.

Anyway, this is my first blog post in a long time, feels good. And see you in the future.

Michael Schmalle